Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack
Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack
Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack
Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack
Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack
Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack
Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack

Anderson and Son Pepper Co.

Don't Touch the Baby - 2-Pack

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Don't Touch the Baby is made with fresh habanero peppers for a citrus-y flavor that's slightly sweet with a kick. Put it on literally anything. 

This sauce has just the right flavor profile to be great on anything from peanut butter and jelly (we know, this is crazy - but don't knock it 'til you try it) to pizza, salad, chicken and anything in between.

The fresh pepper taste comes through immediately followed by a tangy, citrusy zing from the habanero and vinegar combination. Subtle notes of the onion and garlic will take you to a slightly sweet finish. And of course, THE HEAT. 

We realize that flavor is subjective, that's why we'll let you see for yourself - but we're confident that you'll find Don't Touch the Baby can make almost any meal exciting.

This sauce is not for beginners (or babies), so try to use a little extra caution when you're enjoying it. Watch your eyes and sensitive areas and please don't give any to your grandma unless she is super hard core and listens to death metal. YOLO, grandma. YOLO. 

Ingredients: Vinegar, Habanero Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Agave Nectar

Customer Reviews

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Like Habanero Mango?

Well stop, cause Don’t Touch the Baby is the sweet habanero sauce you need. A perfect blend of sweet and heat.


Love the sauce, it's the perfect mix of heat and flavor. Great habanero flavor, good with any kind of Mexican food and great on pizza. Only complaint is the bottle doesn't pour well, always leaks over the edge when I pour it out. A different pour spout might be ideal, but it's not going to stop me from using this stuff.

Weston White
Best hot sauce

Don’t Touch the Baby hot sauce is hands down the best sauce I’ve ever tasted. It has the perfect amount of heat and enhances any meal, from breakfast burritos, to pizza, to grilled meats. I would recommend it to anyone with taste buds.

Stephanie Bustos
Don't touch the baby

Really enjoy the taste and spunk it has, the added plus is that it has no salt.

Bryan Dorsey
Oops! I touched The Baby again.

Well it's official. This is my favorite sauce.

I have gone through seven bottles of Anderson Pepper Company's Don't Touch The Baby - sweet & tangy habanero hot sauce.

I love the kick, the slight sweetness as well as the consistency. It never gunks up so I can always enjoy the very last spicy drops.

Looks like I need to order another three pack. That will make it order number four!

Well done Anderson's... well done.