Granny's Myth - 2-Pack
Granny's Myth - 2-Pack

Granny's Myth - 2-Pack

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Granny Smith Apples and fresh jalapeño peppers are a match made in Grandma’s kitchen. Cilantro, garlic and cinnamon ensure you’ll be tasting new flavors with every bite in this one-of-a-kind sauce. It's equal parts tart, sweet, tangy and fresh.

Granny's Myth is a truly unique but extremely versatile sauce. Put it on anything from chili to tacos to pizza and sandwiches - and anything in between. 

Customer Reviews

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Shane D
F@#$ing amazing

Literally awesome sauce. Great with carnitas tacos!!

Alexander Brungardt
Great Sauce

Always proud to support a St. Louis brand and this is one I will be talking about. Saw this while waiting for my carry out order at Hi Pointe and had to ask for a cup to take some home for my taco burger. Great on the taco burger and the fries. 5 minutes after finishing, here I am ordering some for myself and for Christmas gifts. New favorite and looking forward to trying the other sauces and seasonings.

DAVID Jokerst
Sweet heat

First thing I noticed about this was the wonderful aroma ! Very enticing ! I’ve used in on salmon , green beans and chili so far and love what it adds to them ! A sweet hot punch of flavor ! Look out Belleville Chili Cook off if these folks ever enter with their products in the chili ! I will definitely be purchasing more of Granny’s Myth in the future ! Highly recommend !

Ritchie Keller

Love it

Levi Kirby
New sauce rocks

The new Granny's Myth sauce is awesome! It goes great on pizza and is a less spicy option than the original. Perfect level of jalapeño spice with some sweetness. 5-stars!