The Trifecta

The Trifecta

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All our sauces in one convenient bundle that you can't get anywhere else. The OG, Don't Touch the Baby with the signature Baby Daddy Chipotle Truffle hot sauce and the brand new Granny's Myth Green Apple Jalapeño. 

Your life is complete. Thank us later.


Customer Reviews

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Daniel Brindley
Perfect depth of flavor

Anderson Pepper Co sauces and seasoning are flavor forward blends that offer more than heat. With different profiles that bring new unique tastes to whatever you add them – each showcasing something unique – like the sweet balance of Granny Smith apples or the smoky umami of truffle oil and chipotle. The sauces have a slightly thicker, blended consistency that holds up and isn’t runny or thin allowing a little to go a long way. The homegrown peppers and fresh ingredients you can pronounce make these sauces and seasonings a completely guilt-free approach to adding intense flavors you can’t find in most hot sauces. And it’s an added bonus that I’m able to help support a local small business in the St. Louis area.

Antony Frierdich
This sauce is 🔥

Not my first time having these sauces, except the granny’s myth, but needless to say Joel takes exceptional care making all of these sauces, and it shows in the flavors. I had to order this to keep my supply from running out.

Brian Flynn
Great product

Delivery was very quick and all the sauces are great. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

James Hutchinson

The flavors of all 3 grew into an addiction, had to order the Trifecta before I finished the current one I am
on now, being vegetarian, I use them
on cheese omelets, cheese
enchiladas and bean burritos, though
I am sure there are plenty of meat
dishes they would work on , if you are a heat head they will be considered mild to medium level.

Baby, Daddy, and Granny all hit the bottle... and the bullseye

I've been a fan of The Baby's sweet, tangy heat from the beginning. Bringing Daddy's modest sophistication and Granny's tart attitude along for the ride made this an happy family gathering. Each sauce has their own unique flavor profile and spice level, not just the same stuff with a different hue like some other brands. This is the one sauced family you won't be disappointed in!