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Baby Daddy Chipotle Truffle Hot Sauce

Baby Daddy Chipotle Truffle Hot Sauce

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A tangy & smokey chipotle sauce complimented perfectly with savory & earthy flavor from the finest cold pressed white-truffle infused olive oil.

We made the best Chipotle sauce we've ever tasted with the best ingredients we could find. Then we made it better.


Roasted Red Peppers (Red Peppers, Water, Salt, Citric Acid), Water, Vinegar, Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic, White Truffle Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Truffles), Olive Oil, Chipotle Pepper and other Spices, Onion Powder


Our number one pairing for this one is grilled pork chops or pork steaks. BUT- we're pretty sure this is your new favorite taco, pizza, eggs, pasta... EVERYTHING sauce.

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Shelly M
Smoky Good Flavor

I love it on burritos or French fries. Good stuff. Will be needing more soon.

Kelley Underwood
Great sauce but I can’t afford it

The sauce is very tasty and I could put it on nearly anything I eat. Because it’s low/no sodium it is especially attractive. I just can’t afford the sauce and the shipping. If it came in larger bottles it might be better.

Jonathan Shell
Best hot sauce I’ve ever ingested

I brush my teeth with it. I smear a tablespoon on my pallet for overnight enjoyment. Tastes great on pizza too I guess

In love

Amazing sauce! This stuff is highly addictive. 10/10

Scott Conger
Good HEAT | Major FLAVOR

One of the best Hot Sauces out there. Killer stuff!
Service and shipping was unreal, speedy fast!!!

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