Our mission is to create high-quality, unique sauces and seasonings with the goal of fostering meaningful and memorable food experiences. Lots of thought, attention to detail and even more love is wrapped up in everything we make. We're really proud and thankful to be able to share it with you.


We think of hot sauce as an an accent to the flavors of the food you're eating. With this in mind, we've put everything we have into making our sauce unique but versatile. We've created it in a way that we think balances great flavor with the perfect heat. And yes, we know this is subjective -  BUT - we're confident you'll find it goes well with almost anything.  Give it a try - DM us on IG if you have questions, post about it if you love it, but most of all -  Enjoy.


Don't Touch the Baby was born out of a lifelong love for all things spicy and passion for growing super-hot peppers. It all started right after our son was born.  Weekends transformed the house into a hot sauce laboratory complete with a mad scientist concocting (and consuming) recipe after scorching recipe until we finally got it just right. Since cooking with some of the world's hottest peppers is almost literally playing with fire, "Don't Touch the Baby!" was heard almost as many times as Baby Shark. When the time finally came to give our first tried and true recipe a name, the subtle warning stuck.